Corporate booking package

Thank you for making use of our online booking platform, in order for you to have a care free experience - kindly read through the information herewith to make sure that our offering meets with your expectations.

Our Covid19 Protocols are, sanitizer stations at entrance, temperature register, house balls and playing areas sanitized before and after each booking, alternate lanes are being used, employees will be wearing face shields as well as face masks, all public spaces will be cleaned and sanitized on an ongoing basis.

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1. Please note that your arrival time is at least 20 minutes prior to your playing time. This will assist us in ensuring that the game starts timeously – we usually have bookings after you and if you are late then your function may not have time to complete all your games

1. We do not allow ANY food, crisps, sweets, snacks or beverages of any sort to be brought into our facility as we have an exclusive arrangement with our caterers.

We can also provide an array of platters which generally is adequate for 8 - 10
people per platter, kindly indicate your preference and we will confirm.

A selection of pork, meatballs, BBQ chicken portions, beef chipolatas, chicken nuggets, riblets and a chutney dipping sauce.

Chinese-style chicken wings served with a sweet red chilli sauce.

A sandwich selection filled with chicken mayo, ham, cheese & tomato and egg & mayo.

Pita pockets filled with spiced beef and gherkins, chicken mayo and cheese, tomato and basil pesto.

Baquette-style sandwiches topped with ham & cream cheese, tomato & cheese & basil pesto, smoked chicken mayo & peppers, spiced beef & piccalilli and cheese, chutney and tomato.

A tapas spread of salami-wrapped olives, pickled onions, cheddar cheese cubes, cocktail gherkins wrapped in spiced beef, feta-stuffed peppadews, sausages wrapped in bacon, caprese kababs, cocktail pitas and a sour dip cream.

A delicious pastry platter containing beef puffs, samosas, cocktail burger pies, mini pizzas and cheese puffs.

A selection of biscuits, cheese, sliced biltong, pickled onions, Kalamata olives, dried pears and cocktail gherkins wrapped in gypsy ham. Served with a biltong cream cheese dip.

A selection of cold meats, cocktail gherkins and cheese, tomato and pickled onion kebabs. Served with a mustard dipping sauce.

A selection of mini beef burgers, pork meatballs, mini mince vetkoek, cheese puffs, cocktail viennas and chicken nuggets.

Includes cocktail cheese puffs, crunchy carrot, cucumber and celery sticks, cocktail pitas, caprese kebabs, chilli cheese bites and butternut kebabs. Served with a sour cream dip.

Mini croissants filled with smoked chicken mayo and peppers, spiced beef & piccalilli, tomato, cheese & basil pesto, ham & cream cheese and cheese, chutney and tomato.


1.Please note that your arrival time is at least 20 minutes prior to your playing time. This will assist us in ensuring that the game starts timeously – we usually have bookings after you and if you are late then your function may not have time to complete all your games.

We have a fully stocked bar that also serves non alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, tea and coffees (apologies during Covid19 no alcoholic beverages may be sold)

1. Additional medals are available should you wish to purchase extra prizes for your games

1. Your booking is not confirmed unless we have received this confirmation along with proof of payment in full.

2.Once you have effected payment , kindly send us your proof of payment so that we can process your payment, open an account and book your lanes.

3. The full amount confirmed must be paid regardless of how many people arrive on the day

4. Kindly note that should you cancel or postpone your booking within 24 hours of the date of your booking we will unfortunately retain 50% of your payment to cover the costs of the catering and lane booking

5. We know we’ve said it already but we do not permit anyfood, snacks or drinks to be brought into the bowling.

6. We no longer provide bowling shoes but you may play barefoot or in non-slip socks, which are available for sale. Under no circumstances are your own shoes allowed on the lanes, not even trainers unfortunately.

7. Please try to have a list of players for us before you arrive so that we can capture the names to the lanes – that way everyone knows which lane they are going to be playing on when they arrive

8. We recommend about 8 people per lane

9.Encourage players to think up team names – it adds to the rivalry and excitement on the day. Some of our regular customers even have team t-shirts or uniforms.

10. The game will start at your “playing time” with the number of players that you have paid for, even if not all the players have arrived yet. This basically means that the players who have arrived will play for those who have not arrived yet – once the late comers arrive, they will just carry on from where the others left off. This does unfortunately mean that late comers won’t have a full game so please encourage your guests to be on time.

11. Your package includes prizes but many of our other clients, especially when the group is a large one, purchase additional trophies and medals. Again, it adds to the excitement on the day so feel free to think up some other awards – best style, most outrageous style, loudest player etc. You are free to bring in your own prizes if you prefer provided they are not in the form of food or beverages.

12. Please remember to let everyone in your group have a copy of this page so that they are all aware of our rules and suggestions

13. The top five bowlers will qualify to represent their company at the corporate challenge events , free of charge. The dates and times of events will be communicated soon after your function.

1. Please ensure that you have read the above as it contains important information.

2. Once you have read through all the details, kindly submit your details so that we know you have read the small print