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Let’s Go Bowling a purpose built entertainment venue comprising ten synthetic lanes (guardian image) with BOSS scoring. Crafties Lounge caters for the sports enthusiasts, where all major sporting events can be followed , while testing your skills at pool, sipping away at a beer and a snack of your choice. The standard price for one game is R55


Smash the pins, yell, scream, “toy, toy” and do whatever it takes to knock em pins down, so don’t delay enter your team into an ACTION BOWLING session today. We have changed the face of a “dreary” start of the week to an action packed activity for all employees, colleagues, associates and friends. All it takes is for you to get five “players” to take up the challenge to represent your company in your action bowling team, alternatively “snag” a few mates and join in the action.


Action Bowling, takes place every Monday and Wednesday at either 6:00 or 7:30 pm

Each Action Bowling Session runs for four weeks.

Teams select the day and time slot that suits their needs

Teams consist of 5 players, it need not be the same 5 players every week

There are generally between four and eight teams in each session

Each player bowls two games per session, scores are totalled per game and then also combined, and handicaps are also in place based on the team’s average.

Points are allocated for each game as well as the combined scores on a sliding scale,
24, 20, 16, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2.


The cost is R700 per team inclusive of vat, 5 people per team, bowling 2 games for 4 weeks

Mystery prizes on offer, weekly and at the conclusion of each session, for the top teams and individuals not to mention the “booby” prizes.

WHAT’S THE DELAY ENTER TODAY, IT’S A BLAST!!! SEND US A MAIL TO george@letsgobowling.co.za


Bowling offers many health benefits for both the young and old alike. Bowling is an especially good form of exercise for seniors. Depending on your weight, and bowling style, you may burn up to 250 calories per hour bowling. Bowling a 3-game series involves walking over half a mile while swinging an 8-16-pound weight. This exercise increases the bowler’s endurance, speeds up the bowler’s metabolism, and helps the bowler maintain bone density.

Bowling is a “whole body” exercise. The legs take the bowler from the back of the approach to the foul line, where the knee and thigh muscles absorb the energy as the bowler slides to a stop. At that time, the bowler’s core muscles turn and flex as the shoulder swings close. That’s when the arm and hand do their job by releasing the ball in a lift and turn fashion, and following through to a stretched finish. A lot of bowlers probably don’t realize how much exercise they are getting each shot and that so much exercise could be so enjoyable!

Bowlers of all ages should warm up properly before taking to the lanes. Bowling is one of the safest athletic activities there is — if done properly! If you find yourself overly tired, or sore, after bowling, it might be a good idea to see a certified coach to help you with your form.

Bowlers of all ages enjoy the social aspect of bowling. The seniors seem to really enjoy the camaraderie that recreational and competitive bowling provide.

Registration is not required. Just come out to one of the centres at these times to get started. Even if you’ve never bowled before, there will be plenty of senior bowlers willing to help you learn the sport.



Here are a few reasons to run team building activities for your business:
Increase productivity. The collaborative nature of a team building challenge teaches people how to work together more effectively

Improve communication

Keep employees motivated

Develop problem solving skills

Lets not forget having an absolute blast while building teamwork in the work place.

Our package requires an investment of R200 per person, which includes 2 games of bowling, welcome drink, snack basket and prizes, let’s not forget the “booby prizes” for those holding up the fort. Our facility also provides a fully serviced bar. Packages are vat inclusive .



What can we say other than, what a deal ! Two games of bowling per person for a mere R50 including a R10 discount voucher on a cocktail of choice.

Ok “Guys” we are just trying to help you out on your budget when entertaining your girl. Ladies just looking for a fun night out, look no further. Sorry folks no bookings, first come first serve. See you on the lanes!


Our birthday party package is well priced at R 200.00 per child and includes a game of bowling, a free game voucher, a kids meal, Party Pack, and a novelty gift. The party pack includes a juice, crisps, a variety of sweets. We also provide your own dedicated party table that includes balloons. Our package is limited to a minimum of 5 children per party but there is no maximum number of children that you can bring.


Ok moms and dads, we have listened , fun activity for the kidz at an affordable price, Saturday mornings 9:00am to 11:00am , R40 for a game of bowling, Just Juice and Nik Naks. Sorry folks no bookings first come first served.


We have lost our “marbles” for only R75 per person you get a game of bowling, Ceres Juice and a Popcorn. We value family time and activities, hence our discounted offer on a day where the whole family can be entertained at an affordable price. Sorry folks no bookings, first come first served.